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Design outdoor furniture

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Since balconies and gardens can turn into little corners of paradise you should choose furniture that combine comfort and design, reliability and versatility, practicality and sturdiness. The finest outdoor express the creative personality, good taste and common sense of the people who make every furniture choice and care the nature with passion and daily attention. Therefore it is important that, in addition to the element of the dream and sensory satisfaction, outdoor furniture design has to offer optimal resistance to humidity, sunshine and climatic variations, maximum practicality in daily management, ease of cleaning.

Design outdoor furniture: the ideal choice for decorating your garden

REVER In & Out Solutions designs and manufactures complete collections of design outdoor furniture designed to be the ultimate solution to the needs of outdoor furniture. Unruffled in all weathers, as impeccable on poolside as in front of a fireplace, outdoor furniture of Rever Collection have been created to optimise all aspects of user experience, putting handmade competence, technical research and artistic creativity at the service of your relax and well-being. Our collections of design exterior furniture, entirely designed and built in Italy, include outdoor furniture and decorating accessories: not only tables and chairs, sun beds and day beds, but also armchairs, ottomans and sofas for outdoors. We mainly address to a careful and demanding clientele, willing to pay the right price to buy products that will keep the promises they make. And in the case of design outdoor furniture promises go far beyond the “simple” aesthetic and sensorial suggestion. To outdoor furniture we first of all require robustness, reliability, resistance to the elements and the most extreme conditions with an optimal duration over time: in other words the outdoor furniture should not discolour in the sun or become stained or develop mould if it gets wet, and in the latter case it should also dry quickly. In addition, we want the furniture for the outdoors to be comfortable and cosy to allow us to fully enjoy the garden and terrace in summer, and beyond. As for the design element, designing luxury exterior must aim at recreating the style, taste and mood of the interior, also in an ironic and irreverent way, but always with absolute sophistication.

Dona un volto nuovo al tuo giardino con l’arredo outdoor di design Made in Italy firmato Rever In & Out Solution

Outdoor living all year round is possible thanks to outdoor design furniture collections created by REVER In & Out Solutions: armchairs, sofas, chairs, ottomans, day beds, coffee tables and accessories of various kinds for outdoor use are proposed in many variations from a traditional and contemporary minimal style, to the one characterised by luxury and refinement. All have in common the ability to accommodate, wrap, support and reward your body and spirit. Every single piece is made with the utmost care and attention to all details: craftsmanship accuracy, industrial precision. Our knowledge combined with a passion for the work allowed us over time to distinguish ourselves from the fierce competition in the sector thanks to a proposal capable of addressing both to the private customer in residential environment and the big professional client. Thanks to extensive research on fabrics, upholstery and raw materials we are able to offer collections of made in Italy design outdoor furniture in a variety of colours, textures and styles. Extensive customisation possibilities to fully express your creativity and meet all the needs that may arise during a breakfast, lunch or an aperitif on the terrace, while you’re soaking up in the sun or by the pool, in the hotel or in a spa.
We know that the outdoor furniture as well as being beautiful, elegant and comfortable, should not discolour in the sun, stay wet, make the mould or stain, and it should be practical and easy to clean. Complete your outdoor with furniture and furnishing of conceptual value and construction, where nothing is left to chance, every detail was created to be seen alone and collectively, and each component performs multiple functions. The anti bacterial, stain repellent and water-repellent coatings ensure quick drying and easy cleaning. Enjoy your dream, enjoy the outdoors: don’t settle with serial furniture in durable but ugly materials or beautiful but little durable and needing complex maintenance. For your outdoor choose the design furniture signed by REVER In & Out Solutions.