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Decoration, comfort, beauty: furniture for terraces and gardens

Choose the right furniture to enhance your outdoor area: pillows, vases, coffee tables, blankets, ottomans, carpets, bottle holders, lamps and lighting components are all elements that can turn terraces and gardens into your favourite relaxing corner , where everything you need is right at your fingertips. Whether you use it to have lunch or dinner outside, to sunbath or relax with a book, the outdoors has now turned into an extension of the domestic space where we look for the same amenities we have indoors: discover in our catalogue all luxury outdoor furnishing accessories and have fun by completing terraces and gardens with design details.

Design outdoor accessories and furnishing

Pots, blankets, coffee tables, pillows, carpets and lighting are external furnishing accessories that cannot miss in your outdoor. Years of studies and experiments on textile materials for paddings and coatings, on design and structures allow us to offer a complete collection to enrich your outdoor area of decorating accessories designed to relax outside on the terrace, in the garden or by the pool. Wine racks to keep drinks always cool, special cashmere blankets for outdoor especially designed for quick, stain-free and mould resistant drying, small tables that are transformed into practical containers, poufs that become coffee tables by adding a lunchbox: we thought of all needs that may arise on the terrace or in the garden. Through a thoughtful and conscious choice of pieces of furniture you can transform the outdoors in a small corner of paradise where you can relax, rest, play and recharge your batteries. REVER In & Out Solutions offers a complete collection of design furniture that includes practical and inevitable pieces as tables and chairs but also the most innovative elements that are largely taking hold both in private and commercial terraces. For example, the refinement of a sofa on the boardwalk, a terrace with daybed and sun beds: simplicity is often the key to luxury, as long as you choose a few well done pieces, as accessories and furnishing by REVER Outdoor Collection.

Garden decoration: design furnishings for your outdoor

Armchairs, ottomans and tables are the most versatile, comfortable and original décor items to define your outdoor. The reduced dimensions allow the placement in virtually all areas, be it conservatories, terraces, pools, gardens or porches, transforming these corners outdoors in practical and comfortable lounges, more and more customised. Customisation is one of the most popular keywords of contemporary decoration both indoor and outdoor: more and more customers today come to the store with clear ideas or come to us with specific requests that are in our collections. The field of outdoor furniture has worked to keep up with the demands of the market, and often to anticipate them with solutions that combine design and comfort, elegance and space optimisation, originality and refinement. Discover the collection of design outdoor furniture proposed by REVER In & Out Solutions, a specialist in design outdoor furniture and versatile and durable furnishing for terraces, gardens, spas and pools.