Spa furniture

S[am]bed Chaise Longue

Spa furniture

The total Wellness & Beauty experience: spa furniture

Voted to relax, comfort and refinement, the furnishing of a Spa must be designed around the user experience: so the clientele can enjoy relaxing, regenerating and revitalising treatments and their benefits to the maximum, every piece of furniture must be designed to maximise comfort without sacrificing the SPA style. So, deck chairs, sun beds, day beds, ottomans and sofas enhance the tastefully minimal environments of a Spa, helping to make each client feel pampered and vitiated even before undergoing massages, revitalising baths and other wellness & beauty treatments.

Spa furniture: hygiene and safety combined with a unique Made in Italy design

REVER In & Out Solutions provides a solid and thorough industry experience to help you organise projects of furniture dedicated to particular environments and specific facilities such as a Spa, and wellness facilities in general. Evocative, relaxing and beautiful spaces, where you can regenerate your body and spirit-form and substance-in total tranquillity, also thanks to the choices of furniture, lights, colours, materials and their ability to excite, relax and pamper. The Spa reveal their function and their total rest and relaxation-oriented mood through strategic lighting, surfaces, soft, neutral colours, sounds inspired by nature and its elements. Air, water, earth and fire are all present differently in these environments, where the alternation between hot and cold plays a beneficial role for skin, respiratory system and circulation. The materials of the furnishings, finishes and upholstery must however ensure a proper duration. Massage couches, sofas, chairs, day beds and all those components that allow you to stay in different areas of the Spa sipping herbal tea, waiting for a massage or regenerating with the vapours benefits of the sauna must ensure perfect resistance to moisture, bacteria and mildew. Relying on a company that specialises in the field like REVER In & Out means that you can count on expertise developed and honed over time: also available for contract furniture, our creative team will take care of carefully plan all the rooms of the Spa, aiming at a user experience of absolute pleasure, simplifying management, cleaning and maintenance of the rooms of the Spa where health and safety are absolute imperatives.

Made in Italy spa furniture signed Rever In & Out Solutions

The centres dedicated to wellness, beauty and relaxation are articulated on user experience projects to ensure absolute sensory comfort in a place where people look for a quiet corner away from the stresses of daily life. Every surface, every padding must guarantee more than mere strength: the sensory pleasures must wrap the body from the very first contact, stroke the skin, promote muscle relaxation and stimulate healing reactions in the body. Beds, sofas, chairs and chaise long must also ensure hygiene and practicality at the highest levels: resistant to temperature variations and moisture, furniture and accessories for spa and wellness centres must be cleaned several times a day without changing their characteristics and their performance. The concept of our furnishings designed for different environments always starts from the user experience. Our in-depth industry expertise allows us to create structured projects based on the customer’s requirements, whether it be an individual or a Wellness & Beauty professional. Design, convenience, comfort and lifestyle: don’t compromise when it comes to choosing furniture for a special setting like a Spa, health and beauty symbol par excellence. Choose the design furniture proposed by REVER In & Out Solutions: each piece is a unique creation able to cross the years adapting to the most extreme weather conditions and variations. They are not afraid of cold, heat, humidity and mould, and combine advanced technological performance with refined architectural aesthetic lines, able to dress up the space according to your mood, your needs and aspirations. Discover the Spa furnishing proposals signed by REVER In & Out, also available with contract formula.