Why choose made in Italy by Rever. A Difference in style and quality!

come riconoscere il vero made in italy

The “made in Italy” has built a status over the years through creativity and quality. It was the skill of Italian producers who were able to enhance their product and communicate what distinguished it globally. Today, made in Italy is a real brand considered as a distinctive sign of the tradition, culture, design, quality and creativity of our country..

The real Made in Italy can be recognized, always! Watch out for imitations!

Made in Italy is often copied. But beware, it is not, and never will be, a product close to the original. Made in Italy is an expression that evokes the idea of ​​superior quality Italian products all over the world.

The reason for its fame is that over time it has become a real brand, the quality that characterizes Italian artisan and industrial excellence.

The willingness of some countries to defend their internal production by affixing labels to foreign products. The ‘made in Italy’ brand soon became a symbol of creativity and excellence thanks to the skill of the Italian producers who were able to transform it into an opportunity.

In fact, Italian design has been able to build its strength on an original combination of aesthetic taste and artisan skills rooted in small and medium-sized enterprises in industrial districts. By deliberately turning to sophisticated market niches, it has created almost unique products, strongly characterized from a stylistic and qualitative point of view.

When made in Italy is made to measure

In addition to mass production, what makes the difference is the ability to create custom locations. Spaces in which the furnishings are able to enhance the character and style of a structure in an innovative and coherent way.

Tailor made furnishings designed specifically for these structures together with our designers.

An impossible job and synergy for companies that have completely or even partially outsourced their production processes.

The facts show that prestigious brands such as Chia Laguna Resort and the Radisson Hotels Group choose Rever bespoke products to furnish the outdoor and indoor spaces of their most elegant resorts.

In short, choosing the made in Italy signed Rever makes the difference.

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