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outdoor furniture

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How Rever meets the interests of hotels, spas and restaurants that need to set up and enhance their outdoor spaces with outdoor furniture.

In the world of furniture, the solutions for outdoor space are endless. Gardens, terraces and dehor are increasingly important places to offer their customers a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Today more than ever, with the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, equipping an outdoor space to make it perfectly usable to its customers can prove to be decisive for many places that, of course, have to rethink their spaces and their way of working.

This is why it is important to know how to decorate your garden or your terrace in 2021.

The point is that the outdoor furniture is made up of many products such as chairs, tables, deckchairs, dormeuse, daybed, sun loungers …

Sometimes it is even confused with garden furniture which, however, is obviously only part of the outdoor furniture.

How to choose the best items to embellish your outdoor (and indoor) space?

The first thing to do is to have a clear idea of the space you intend to set up. This may not be easy.

On the one side, there is the need to maintain a stylistic coherence with the rest of the room but, on the other, there is to offer all those sensations that only a perfectly equipped outdoor space can offer.

The first advice is therefore to do-it-yourself finding low-cost items that can be found in DIY centers or similar stores.

About fabrics and finishes often are not water repellent.

Why choose Rever for the outdoor furniture of your location

If you have come this far, it will certainly be clear to you that Rever offers the exact opposite of what you have read in the previous lines.

For us, the furnishing of a space is not just to sale of a single bed or the pieces of a particular collection but is, first of all, the study of the best stylistic solution based on the customer’s needs.

What does it mean? Simple.

Rever experts will study together with the customer the best solution based on the space to be set up. Better from a stylistic, technical and operational point of view.

Every space is truly unique and there is no perfectly replicable solution. It is a question of carefully analyzing the measures, the style and all the characteristics of the location to be furnished.

Once these fundamental aspects have been defined, it will be possible to choose the individual pieces together with the customer, valuate the available chromatic customizations and design with him the ideal arrangement of one or more available solutions.

Rever style

In our showroom, the customer will be able to discover the best creations of many talented designers.

A journey into the heart of the Italian furniture and design district where you can be inspired by different styles.

It is focused to details, developing valuable and quality products with exclusive materials. Unique models and products, both in appearance and in performance. maximum research and design both in the outdoor and also in indoor furniture.

Tecnorev quality for your outdoor furniture

Rever produces high quality cushions, all made with Tecnorev padding.

A detail that is not seen, but which makes the difference in terms of quality.

Tecnorev, is a slow memory foam and viscoelastic polyurethane material that adapts to the most varied shapes and sizes, offers higher levels of water repellency (waterproof) ensuring the possibility of differentiating the density of the padding according to the final use of the item.

That is why, all these features make Rever creations ideal for use also in spas and relax areas where the humidity conditions are profoundly different from the outside or common interior spaces and are subject to strong and continuous changes.

Choosing Rever to furnish a garden, a terrace or an outdoor area is simply the guarantee of enhancing the potential of that space with style, professionalism and quality products of made in Italy.

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