(English) Personalized Beach towels, detail makes the difference

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This is why hotels, spas, beach club and yachts should never give up on offering their customers personalized Beach towels.

 The details make the difference.
Attention to detail and service have always been synonymous with refinement and great class.
Having personalized beach towel sets are a sign of distinction that sets you apart from the rest of the competitors.
Strolling along the beaches, the eye captures the image of order and perfection if the colors are well contextualized with each other, creating plays of chromatic uniformity.
 The customized logo of each bathing establishment is a place for you and a detail that is well appreciated by your customers.
 A wide range of colors to choose from indanthrene sponges are carefully packaged and embroidered with the brand of your choice.
 After a fragrant and relaxing hot bath, wrapping your body in soft bathrobes gives a pleasant sensation of unparalleled well-being.
 You can choose your favorite color tone to match with the logos and embroidery of your hotel, enhancing the furnishings of your bathrooms by adding a touch of hospitality.
 Enveloping terry towels accompany your customers in the moments dedicated to the care of themselves in the thermal paths and in the Spas.
teli piscina per spa hotel montagna
 Guaranteeing your customers the towel service makes the difference and is also highly appreciated by those who travel and do not have to fill their luggage with bulky sponges.
 The Rever sponge collection is also ideal for boating given its characteristics of resistance to the sun and salt.
 Rever has always stood out for tradition, luxury and class.